€90,000 for a Good Cause!, 24.06.2023

Success at Lions for "Golfing with Heart"

We look back on a day that was outstanding in every respect. A day when every contribution mattered, every minute was fun, and every smile came from the heart.

First and foremost: A heartfelt thank you! It's thanks to you that the day was such a success. Between the shining sun and the uplifting atmosphere on the golf course, every moment was special.

Your relentless support, whether through flight and hole sponsorships, generous donations, participation in the auction, or purchasing a raffle ticket, made a significant difference. We are overwhelmed and proud to announce that, thanks to you, we have collected the impressive amount of €90,000. This money will now be used directly to support families in Styria who are faced with the challenge of having children with cancer.

For more details about our mission and how this sum will be used, please visit www.golfingwithheart.com.

To remember the day, we also share with you the most beautiful moments in pictures. Here's the link to the photo gallery: Lions for Golfing with Heart.

We hope these images bring as much joy as the day itself. It was an honor to work with so many dedicated people.

In conclusion, all that remains is to say: We hope to see you again next year! Until then, we wish you a sunny, happy, and healthy summer.

Warm regards, The Organizing Team of "Golfing with Heart"

Golf Club Bad Ragaz, 18.07.2024

Ein herzliches Dankeschön!

und Save the Date für 2025
8. Golfen mit Herz Turnier, 06.07.2024

Golfclub Drachenwand-Mondsee 2024

Wir sagen Danke!
DANKE an die gesamte GmH Community und das Team für den unermüdlichen Einsatz, 29.06.2024

GC Murstätten Lions Turnier

144 Spieler & Spielerinnen, 32 Lochsponsoren & über 180 Gäste bei der Abendgala, die tatkräftig bei der Versteigerung und bei der Tombola unterstützten machten ein Gesamtergebnis von € 75.000 möglich.