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A child's cancer is a massive burden for any family, both psychologically and financially. Everyday life changes from one moment to the next and families face major challenges in many areas.

In addition to excellent medical care, a child with cancer often needs additional support. Intensive support for parents and siblings is also important to ensure that the family does not fall apart in this extremely stressful situation.

Some parents have to quit their jobs to look after their child. Others need additional help to look after their siblings. Families with low incomes are hit hard by such changes.

The "European Foundation for the Support of Needy Children and Adolescents with Cancer", based in Vaduz in the Principality of Liechtenstein, was established in January 1997 to provide such families with financial assistance quickly and unbureaucratically. In 2023, the foundation was renamed the CCF Children Cancer Foundation.

About us


On the initiative of the Foundation, charitable associations and foundations were set up in Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain and Slovakia in 2004 under the name "Golfing with Heart - Association/Foundation to support needy children and young people with cancer". The aim is to generate donations for children with cancer through charity golf tournaments.

The net proceeds from each "Golfing with Heart" tournament are supplemented by the CCF Children Cancer Foundation and used exclusively to support children and young people with cancer in need, in line with the purpose of the foundation.

This support is provided in close cooperation with regional partner organisations and is distributed directly to the families in the region where the golf tournaments are held.

About us

CCF Children Cancer Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit organisation and is subject to mandatory external supervision by the Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA) in accordance with the Foundation Act.

The division of responsibilities within the foundation is clearly regulated:

  • The Board of Trustees determines the foundation's strategy

  • The management is responsible for the operational aspects of the foundation.

  • The auditors, as the foundation's governing body, check whether the bookkeeping and annual financial statements comply with Liechtenstein law and whether the foundation's assets are managed and utilised in accordance with their purpose and in compliance with the provisions of the law and the foundation documents.

  • The protector monitors the management of the foundation board, in particular the purpose of the foundation, the management of the foundation assets and the bookkeeping, and checks whether the foundation assets are managed and utilised in accordance with their purpose.


The names behind the idea of the CCF Children Cancer Foundation & the clubs «Golf with heart»

CCF Children Cancer Foundation

Trustee Board

Friedhelm Gruber
Anna Elisabeth Vogt
Dr. Marcel Kieber
Rena-Katharina Clute-Simon

Foundation protector

Peter Zurlinden


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